2015 Digital Marketing Trends

2015 Digital Marketing Trends


Digital Marketing Trends Highlights :

Social Media Marketing continues to be one of the pillars of marketing. It 2015, it is expected to be used as a solid and effective content distribution platform.

– 88% of marketers will use LinkedIn as a B2B marketing platform

– Instagram has over 200 million users. The app itself will be essential to businesses as the preferred image-sharing platform.

Small Businesses will highly benefit from a ‘one click payment’ option from social media websites. Apps such as Twitter allow businesses to sell their products instantly and directly on the user’s news-feed without leaving the app.

Email Marketing will be worth keeping an eye on. It is expected that content from emails will be re-purposed and will now be featured as friendly downloadable PDFs, eBooks and Whitepapers.

Finally, in 2015, Native advertising will shift from being solely about promotional content to being more about relevant content and will become an important part of online advertising.

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