Social Media Strategy

Social Media Strategy


Social Media Strategy


What’s your idea?  If it’s to wing-it coz your audience will just KNOW – you could be setting yourself up for a MAJOR FALL.  You could be getting your fans to jump ship and into the arms of your competitors.

To be sure this doesn’t happen, you need to have a plan – a social media STRATEGY.  Most small businesses don’t have the know-how or resources to get this started.  That’s where I can help.  Social Media is not only about having a Facebook Business page (NOT your personal Facebook Page).  It’s about engaging with your audience consistently – providing them with updates and content keeping them interested enough to share your message.

When we meet,  I’ll ask you a few questions, which will help me, build an appropriate social media-marketing plan.

If you have one in place – GREAT!   Just share it with me. I’ll give you my recommendations.

Of course, I can’t make you do any of this.  If you are happy with moving forward without a plan – that’s your choice.



Social Media Savvy for Small Business


*On a Budget?  *Interested in a custom package? *Want something you don’t see? – Let’s Talk

Disclosure: Results are NOT guaranteed. I can guarantee that I will work to the best of my abilities. The onus is on YOU to insure your business is successful (professional / courteous staff, proper business strategy etc). 

Nothing happens overnight.  In my experience it takes several months (up to a year in some cases) to see successful results from campaigns, blogs, promotions, engagement etc. 

Anything less wouldn’t be a realistic expectation on your end.