Search Engine Optimization Consulting

Search Engine Optimization Consulting

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Janet Bartoli has been a Search Engine Optimization professional expert for the last 11 years, specializing in SEO strategy and tactical recommendations to small, medium, and large-scale enterprise business. Some of the most recent clients include Fiat Chrysler, Verizon, various pharmaceutical companies as well as some small locally owned business including orthodontist, Dr. Susan Pincofski, DMD, based in Flemington NJ and many more over the years.

With over 1000 hours of consultation on all levels of SEO based work, including a wide variety of SEO expertise through various agency, independent, and corporate experiences, Janet has been able to customize her SEO programs to suit the needs of each client. Each client’s situation is unique, and providing outstanding SEO performance and adherence to current industry standards is of great importance to Janet’s SEO practice.


Begin by understanding the client’s needs and business objectives through a discovery meeting. Provide a level of SEO education according to the client’s current knowledge level, then providing a customized SEO program accordingly, and reporting out success against those established key performance indicators.

White Papers, Guides, Best Practices

Janet recently created an SEO technical best practice guidelines document for a well-known CPG company. This document now sits in the IT department for every rebuild, migration or new website created and continues to act as a reference point within the company.

Small business owners have also benefited by learning, and more importantly implementing, optimization recommendations found through a site diagnostic & analysis and local search auditing. Janet has a true passion for helping her clients and in assisting them in education and improving the overall growth of their business through natural search or other digital marketing means.