Small Business Tip: It's All About Mobile, Silly

Small Business Tip: It’s All About Mobile, Silly


5 Small Business Tips on how to get #MobileFriendly


  1. Launch a #MobileFriendly version of your website.  Your site should be optimized for both mobile and desktop.  If not, you’re left with angry and frustrated potential consumers who will find a business who is!
  2. Use Social Media Apps! Most people use their mobile to access their social media networks.  Real-time response is key!
  3. Keep mobile site simple. Make it quick and easy to navigate.  Use direct Calls to Actions ie: Tap to Explore, Download Now … Remember to keep in mind site load time — if you’re looking at anything longer than five seconds, you’re increasing the risk of losing a potential customer.
  4. Use SMS Text Messages to increase sales — but watch the frequency.  Allow consumer to set the frequency by which they’d like to be contacted — Weekly, Daily.  Also ask for feedback every so often!  Good or bad, feedback is important.
  5. Use Responsive Design.  It automatically adjusts the layout and content of your desktop web page depending on the device.  Most responsive designs are compatible with ALL devices — iPad, iPhone, Kindle…Use a responsive design eliminates the extra cost of building and designing a separate mobile site or app.

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